You remember the dress, the heels, the jewelry… but when you're focused on all of that, there are a few things that are sure to slip through every bridesmaids' minds. We're sharing a list of must-haves that you won't want to forget below.

1. Steamer:

The bridesmaids dress is already on the list (we hope!), but after your dress has been crumpled up in the garment bag and pushed to the corner of the hotel room, it's going to need a good steam. While we always provide a steamer for our clients, it's important to always have one on-hand, so add a small travel option to your suitcase so you can smooth out any of those creases.

2. Bag of Snacks:

Hair and makeup kicks off in what feels like the wee hours of the morning, photos are shortly after, and before you know it you're being shuffled down the aisle. No time for lunch, right? Packing a small bag of snacks is a must! It may also be nice to ask if the bride has a favorite. What a way to pamper the bride on her big day!

3. Dancing Shoes:

There are the wedding shoes, and then there are the dancing shoes. You won't want to be wearing your heels all night long, but it's not quite right to change into that pair of flip flops you wore to get ready in. Grab a pair of nice sandals on your way out the door so you'll be ready to dance the night away.

4. Hang Tag:

When every bridesmaid is wearing the same dress, it's easy to get them mixed up, especially when there are multiple of the same size dress with slightly different alterations. Pro tip: Add a tag to your garment bag so yours stays separate from the rest.

5. Phone Charger:

Let's face it: Wedding day can be a bit of a long day, and you're sure to be taking selfie after selfie. When you don't want your phone to die halfway through the day, bringing a charging cord or an external charger is oh-so necessary.

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