Wedding websites have quickly become the norm when it comes to sharing details about your special day, and thanks to companies like The Knot and Zola, it's become an easy and stress-free task to check off the to-do list. Not only is it pretty simple to make, but it's also a perfect place for guests to quickly catch up on the need-to-knows of your wedding. Ready to make yours? Scroll on to see what we think is most important to include.

1. Schedule:

The ceremony location's address, when it starts, what time cocktail hour commences… These are all logistics that are best housed on the wedding website. Why? Because when you send out invitations months prior to the big day, it's easy for invitations to get lost in the mix. Plus, when out of town guests can easily access the schedule online, the invitation is one less thing they have to pack.

2. Accommodations:

When you have guests coming in from out of town who aren't familiar with the area, it's always nice to share a couple suggested places to stay. Pro tip: If you have a wedding block at a specific hotel in town, include what wedding-goers need to ask for when they call to make reservations.

3. Registry:

It's 2018, and you know what that means? Chances are, guests are going to purchase your wedding gift online. Make it easy for them to browse your registry (especially if you have multiple!) and add a direct link to the site.

4. Things to Do:

Guests are always looking for a fun spot to enjoy dinner or an activity to do during the day if the wedding isn't until the evening. Include your favorite restaurants, a distillery tour, or even where he popped the question!

5. Contact Information:

It's always nice to have one point of contact on your wedding website, ideally a wedding planner. Stuff comes up, buses run late… you know the drill. This is a great way for guests to communicate with someone who has the answers to all of their last-minute questions. Pro tip: You can even add an FAQ section to avoid any unnecessary calls and texts on the busy day!

Don't forget that your wedding website is supposed to be simple and functional. While it's such a helpful spot for your guests to get all the need-to-know details for your big day, they won't be spending *too* much time on there, so don't stress over it.