When it comes to the beginning stages of the wedding planning process, everyone has that "this is going to be a breeze" moment, and then they quickly realize they're going to need a bit of assistance… and they're going to need that bit of assistance stat. Your wedding is one of the most exciting moments of your life, and a wedding planner helps to keep it that way so you can avoid being overwhelmed. Read on for our top five reasons you should be hiring a wedding planner.

1. We Filter Out the Noise

Here's the thing: When you scour the internet for ceremony and reception ideas, it's *so* easy to get overwhelmed after just a few minutes of searching. It's fun to look at the million-and-one different ideas on Pinterest and blogs, but a wedding planner can really help you keep everything on track and remain cohesive from start to finish.

2. We Negotiate With Vendors

Hiring a wedding planner doesn't necessarily guarantee that you're going to get exclusive deals from vendors. However, planners have great relationships in the industry, and people with great relationships get taken care of greatly. Vendors tend to honor those relationships, which means we can negotiate with them more than the average joe.

3. We Establish a Timeline

When you've never created a wedding timeline before, it can be quite the task. But guess what? We've put together a timeline or two in our day and know exactly when and where things should be happening. From the time the first look should be photographed to when the wedding cake is set to arrive, major details that you don't want to miss can be left up to your wedding planner so you have one less worry on your big day.

4. We Are Always in Your Corner

While wedding days are one of the most magical days of your life, it's inevitable for something to not go as planned. In those cases, it's always nice to count on someone to be in your corner and be the bad guy if you need one. Enter: your wedding planner!

5. You Stay Engaged on Wedding Day

The most important reason to have a wedding planner on your side? It will help to keep you truly engaged on your big day and not worry about any behind-the-scenes details of the ceremony and reception. Remember, you want your wedding day to be one of the best days of your life!

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