Truth be told: When cakes, flowers, food, and cocktails are in talks, a wedding reception seating chart can tend to be pushed to the bottom of the priority list. But, since it's one of the first pieces of your party that guests interact with, it's one way that you can really set the tone for your space. Check out five spins on the traditional seating chart to amp yours up below.

1. Butterflies + Fresh Flowers:

Complete with fresh flowers and calligraphed butterflies, Taylor and Robbie's seating chart was as unique as they come. Guests were wowed as they walked through the entrance of the reception filled with these beauties after they couple said "I do."

2. Plant Markers:

Tying the knot outdoors? These copper plant markers were a sweet addition to Corey and Tanner's wedding as guests were able to add a customized element to their planters beyond the wedding.

3. Dramatic + Oversized:

There's nothing wrong with making a statement with your seating chart. While the design may be on the simpler side, the oversized nature and bold florals made for a show-stopping entrance at Maria and Bill's reception.

4. Mirror:

Interested in something that's not *so* dramatic, but isn't the classic framed sign you've seen over and over again? Having a calligrapher create your seating chart on a large mirror is a beautiful way to take it to the next level.

5. Banners:

Why have one banner when you can haveā€¦ five? We took Abby and Johnny's reception area to the next level with this fun twist on the traditional seating chart. Bonus: Adding your wedding monogram really customizes the idea, too.

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