A white sand beach, palm trees, that natural sunkissed glow on your wedding day… we all have that little hope and wish a least once in our lifetime to have a dreamy destination wedding, but only a select handful of us are bold enough to follow through with it. Are you considering a destination wedding? Here are our top five things to keep in mind.

1. Be Mindful of Your Location:

While you want your location to be meaningful to you and your significant other, you also want to be mindful of your guests. Keep in mind that their travel budget and time aren't going to be unlimited, so try to be as accommodating as possible. After all, they are traveling for you!

2. Communicate Timing:

Save the dates typically go out six months in advance for a typical wedding, but when you're talking about a destination wedding where your in-town guests turn into out-of-town guests, it's nice to give them ample notice so they can block off time on their calendar. We recommend sending save the date announcements out between 7-8 months prior and also give them ample time to plan and make financial arrangements.

3. Be Aware of Mother Nature:

Headed to a tropical location? Be sure to plan around hurricane season or peak rainy seasons so you can prevent being stuck with crazy weather on your big day. Also, it's never a bad idea to be *extra* careful and have wedding insurance. Not only does it help your plan in the case of natural disasters, but also if storms arise closer to home that prevents your guests to getting to the destination, you'll be covered.

4. Wedding Dress:

While this is your wedding, and you can ultimately wear whatever dress you feel most confident and comfortable in, you'll want to pick something that goes with the vibe of your destination. Think: Avoiding a satin ball gown when you're saying your vows on the beach in scorching temperatures. Plus, travelling with your dress can be a bit of a challenge, so don't forget to make arrangements for pressing and steaming upon arrival to your destination so it'll be in tip-top shape for you to wear.

5. Hire a Planner:

It's one thing to plan your wedding in your hometown, but it's a totally different story when you're talking about a foreign territory that's likely a plane ride or roadtrip away. Hire a pro that's more than capable to make all of your destination wedding dreams come true so you don't have to worry about the ins and outs of the big day.

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