Just engaged? Congrats! After you've booked your wedding planner (hint, hint!), it's almost time to start thinking about your registry. Really though, it goes that quickly! Even though it may not be at the top of your priority list (think: setting a date, booking a venue… the list goes on), it's important to not leave it until the last minute. Before you know it, shower goers and wedding guests will be ready to make their purchases, and you want your registry to be in a good position before they get close to thinking about it. Scroll on for our top five tips so yours is in tip top shape.

1. Prepare Ahead of Time:

It's easy to get trigger happy and register for things you'll never use. Before you go, take inventory of what you already have and what you *actually* need, and you can really begin to create a great list. Bonus: This also ensures that you're creating a list that cohesively goes with the things you already own.

2. Multiple Registries:

While it's certainly convenient to knock out your registry in one fell swoop, it's not always the best option. Registering at multiple stores not only gives your guests options that are convenient to them, but it also ensures that you're choosing products that you will use for years to come, and not just what one store has.

3. Weigh Your Options:

Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate and Barrel… We all know those classic go-tos when it comes to a registry. Weigh your options between the classics and the new-aged tools, as some companies offer a discount for remaining items on your registry. For example, Zola allows you to register at multiple stores all in one place, and on top of that, take 20% off remaining gifts for six months after your wedding. Talk about a score!

4. More Than Fine China:

Remember that registries aren't just for fine china (and don't feel obligated to register for it if you won't use it!). One perk of wedding registries nowadays is that you don't have to just get *things*. Go beyond the classic fine china, towels, and bedding, and do something out of the ordinary. It's certainly acceptable to ask for honeymoon experiences these days.

5. Have Enough to Choose From:

We all know that feeling of looking at a registry at the last minute and finding that there are simply no options left. While you don't want to register for items just for the sake of registering, if you're having a big wedding, it's important to have enough options on your list for all of your guests in a variety of price points. Plus, don't be scared to register for a couple high-ticket items if multiple guests want to go in on one item together.

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