On the cake, in the centerpieces, suspended from the ceiling… the list goes on. Florals complete a reception space, and we're rounding up five of our favorite ways to transform yours using flowers below.

1. Suspended:

Turning your florals upside-down makes for a truly extraordinary space. When you suspend florals from the ceiling, it begins to really transform the area into a warm, inviting, and luxurious space.

2. Oversized Centerpieces:

Almost every wedding reception will have florals incorporated into the centerpieces, but you don't come across pieces like this at every wedding. Opting for tall vases and overflowing orchids elevates the room and adds a glamorous feel.

3. Table Runner:

Planning on breaking up seating with a mix of round tables and banquet-style tables? While you may go for a traditional centerpiece on the round tables, a greenery runner on the banquets is a not-so-ordinary addition to your reception space that will bring the wow-factor.

4. On the Cake:

When you're going for a crisp, elegant white cake, finishing it off with fresh flowers brings a beautiful, elegant feel that makes the cake a centerpiece in the room. How beautiful are the pink, red, and white flowers on this 5-tier cake?

5. Seating Chart:

Floral seating chart? Don't mind if we do! We love the idea of incorporating flowers into a seating chart, whether it's a unique option like Taylor and Robbie's or a sweet addition to a simple framed option.

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