Wedding season may certainly be during spring and summer, but have you ever been to a couple's winter nuptials? Whether you're greeted with a winter wonderland on the morning of (hello, photo op!) or have found the perfect way to highlight your love for the season through a rich color palette, it can really make for the most beautiful day. That being said, there are certainly dos and don'ts of pulling off the big day during the colder months that you don't necessarily think about during the typical wedding season. Scroll on for our opinion.


1. Offer a warm welcome.

Something like a warm glass of cider is a lovely and hospitable way to greet your wedding guests. Pro tip: You can always offer this as your signature cocktail!

2. Be Strategic About Your Venue

You'll want to ensure you host your event in a place that can accommodate a variety of weather situations. Think: a venue with a potentially icy, windy road may not be your best bet.

3. Tailor the menu to the season.

Having a menu full of seasonal veggies and herbs will make for a noteworthy meal. A simple chat with your caterer can lead to a really elevated meal.


1. Forget Your Coat Check

While this isn't something that's necessary during the typical wedding season, it's a total must when it comes to winter nuptials.

2. Have an Outdoor Grand Exit

A sparkler exit seems like a charming idea and beautiful photo opportunity, but asking your guests to stand outside in subzero temps for a grand exit is a no-go.

3. Forget Outerwear

Whether you plan to take photos with your bridal party outside or not, making an outerwear plan, whether it's supplying a mink stole or faux fur shawl, is a must.