Whether you're deciding on how to best compliment your crisp winter wedding, or choosing hues for your summertime ceremony, a wedding color palette is one of the hardest decisions to make during the planning process. Lauren shared her thoughts on classic combos in an article on Domino.com (full read here!), and we're sharing a few more of our favorites below.

1. Ivory and Emerald (via Domino)

"Green and white is a color combination that is both fresh and elegant. It's feminine, but not pink. This versatile combination also connects well with high-end interior design that can elevate your wedding furniture."

2. Navy and White

It goes without saying that navy and white is one of the most long-lasting and classic color combinations. From the floral vases to the place settings, these hues had a show-stopping presence at Lexie and Aaron's reception.

3. Cream and Blush

Long farm tables draped in a beautiful cream linen paired with pops of blush florals? Now *that's* a color palette for the books. Feminine, romantic, sweet… everything a girl dreams of at her wedding.

4. Black, Gold, and Blush

Black, gold, and blush make for a luxurious feel that's nothing short of stunning. Mix in some creams to really add that wow-worthy finish for a wedding color palette that won't go out of style.

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