Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… It's one of the oldest wedding traditions, but are you stuck on how to incorporate something old? Look no further! We're sharing our favorites below.

1. Vintage Getaway Car

Is your family a collector of vintage cars? Then you're in luck. Make a stylish exit with a vintage getaway.

2. Family Heirloom

Take your wedding day look to the next level with a beautiful family heirloom. Whether it's pair of earrings passed down from your mom, or a bracelet that your grandmother wore when she tied the knot, we love when a bride incorporates a vintage accessory.

3. Antique Lockets and Brooches

Antique lockets and brooches are such a perfect way to add "something old" to your look. Whether you pin them to your bouquet or the inside of your dress, they're such a sweet and charming sentiment.

4. A Beautiful Handkerchief

Passed on from your mom or grandmother, there's something so special about wrapping your bouquet in a special handkerchief or even sewing it the underside of your dress.

5. Wedding Details

And lastly, why not add a piece of your mother or grandmother's wedding dress to yours? Sneaking into the inside of your gown is a great way to have this piece with you on the day of your wedding without compromising the look and feel of your gown.

How do you plan to incorporate something old in your wedding? Share it with us on Instagram!