Three words: Location, location, location. It's one of the most overwhelming aspects of wedding planning, and one of the things you get asked about most throughout your engagement. Some feel the pressure and rush into a space that isn't right for them, and some wait a bit too long and suddenly everything is booked. The trick is to find and book the perfect place in perfect timing… Easier said than done, right? We're sharing few tips to make that process a bit more of a breeze for you.

1. Know Your Guest Count

Knowing how many people you plan on having at your wedding is crucial when it comes to choosing a venue because it will automatically narrow your choices. If you plan to host something more intimate, a venue that fits 300 people just won't feel right. On the flip side, if you're having a wedding that's on the larger side, you'll want to avoid venues that are a tighter squeeze. Note: Your venue doesn't *have* to fit your entire guest list. About 80% of your invitees are expected to attend, so if you invite 300, book a venue that fits 240 comfortably.

2. Consider the Season

If you're considering booking an outdoor venue, be sure to think about what season you're getting married in. Tying the knot in the springtime means thinking about those April showers, summertime means scorching temps… you know the drill. Considering these weather conditions could alter your choice to have an outdoor ceremony and reception.

3. Know Your Style

Knowing the style that you're going for is extremely important, as this is one way to narrow down your choices quickly. While it can be done, fighting the venue's natural aesthetic will be tough on your budget. Save money long term by finding a venue that fits the feel of your event, as it's easier to enhance a space that fits you vibe than it is to convert a ballroom into a garden ceremony or a barn into a mid-century modern design. Love the look of a modern reception? Opt for a local art museum. Want that beautiful, classic look? Go traditional.

4. Consider Preferred Vendors

It's important to think about the type of food you want at your wedding. Do you already have a preferred caterer or are you willing to be flexible on this aspect? Some venues will allow you to bring in outside vendors, while others do not, so this is a big factor when choosing a space.

5. Consult Your Planner

The best way to choose a venue? Consult with your planner. Not only do they know the best spots in town, but they can also refine your search to fit your budget, style, and all other aspects that are important to you.

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