Just when you think you’ve tied a bow on your wedding and pushed aside the stress, there’s a new wave of tasks to check off the to-do list. Of course, one of those (very important!) things is writing thank you notes. From how to prep to when to write them, here’s how to make this task a breeze.

1. Make a List

It’s next to impossible to remember each person that you need to thank: anyone who attended, someone who gifted but couldn’t attend, vendors who contributed… The list goes on. Start by making a copy of your guest list, and pencil in any additions that may not be on the existing list. Then, add a column with notes on what you need to thank them for. Remember, you want this list to be thorough because the last thing you want is to have accidentally left Grandma off the list of thank yous.

2. Start Early

Let’s be real: Procrastinating this task will only make your life harder. Who wants to do this all in one sitting at the last minute? Start writing your notes as soon as the first one arrives to help spread out the task.

3. Stay on Time

Wedding thank you cards are something you want to mail out in a timely manner. In general, it’s best to get them out within a few months of the wedding (or, in the case of a gift, when you’ve received it). Pro tip for staying on time: Divide and conquer!

4. Stock Up

Now to the fun part! You’re going to need stationery… and a lot of it. Start stocking up so that when the time comes to start putting pen to paper, you’re prepared. Tip: Choosing something that doesn’t scream “wedding” allows you to avoid waste, and you can use the extras for future notes that aren’t necessarily wedding-related.

5. Stamps

After you’ve sealed that heartfelt letter, you’re going to need some stamps to send them off. If you’re creating custom stamps for your invitations, go ahead and add a few extra sheets to the order so you can use them for your thank you notes as well. You might as well take advantage of showing off your beautiful design!

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