You've found your dream wedding dress, so now what? It's time to start shopping for your bridesmaid dresses! This can be quite a daunting task, and there is no *exact* formula for picking out the perfect one, but, we have a few tips below so the process goes a bit smoother for you and it'll be a look you love on your wedding day and beyond.

Body Shapes

While you may have always dreamed of having all of your bridesmaids in matching dresses, their body types is something you'll want to consider before making that decision. You likely have a wide range of shapes and sizes, and opting for different dresses to complement each girl's figure will make for a happy bridal party and beautiful photos.

Give Yourself Time

There are, what seems like, a million-and-one dress options on the market, which makes it a bit difficult to sift through. Giving yourself ample time will help you avoid feeling stuck with limited options and alleviate stress.

The Big Picture

Accessories, shoes, full glam… It's not just about the dress. While the dress is a (huge!) part of the ensemble, consider all of these extra factors when shopping for it. If you want your girls to wear minimal jewelry, then you can afford to go with more of a statement dress. On the other hand, opt for a clean, simple dress if you want to put a little more oomph into their accessories.

Your Gown

Since you've already said yes to the dress, be sure to take it into consideration when you go to choose dresses for your girls. If you opted for a satin ballgown, you may want to stray from satin dresses for the girls. Likewise, avoid lace bridesmaid dresses if your dress is lace. You get the picture!

Go Non-Traditional

There is no rule book when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses. So, don't be afraid to switch things up if it fits the style of your wedding. We've seen countless bridesmaids go the non-traditional route, opting for a glam sequin dress or mix-and-match fabrics and hues, and still love it to this day.

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