When it comes to planning your wedding festivities, one thing that you don't want to skimp out on is how you're going to host your out-of-town guests. For most of them, being there on your big day means booking a flight, or at the very least, a hotel room. Do your best to welcome them to town with open arms using our tips below.

1. Travel Accommodations

Recommend places to stay that are close to your ceremony and reception spaces so that they don't have to worry about renting a car or racking up big Uber charges. Be sure to keep your guests' budgets in mind, and pick a couple hotels in different price ranges so that they can choose what feels right to them.

2. Welcome Bag

Whether you fill it with a little bubbly or a few of your favorite local snacks, your guests will be delighted when they're greeted with a nice welcome bag at their hotel.

3. Cocktail Party

Most out-of-towners will arrive the night before the wedding, so hosting a cocktail party for them after the rehearsal dinner is a great way to welcome them. Plus, it ensures that you'll be able to have more than just a couple-minute conversation with them during your reception.

4. Things to Do

While a wedding weekend is booked minute-by-minute for the bride and groom, the case probably isn't the same for your guests who have traveled in. Add a card in their welcome bags that suggests a few of your favorite restaurants or things to do around town to keep them busy.

5. Sunday Brunch

Top off your wedding weekend with a sweet Sunday brunch for a quick send-off before everyone heads home. It doesn't have to be elaborate, but it's always a nice gesture to offer.

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