Last month, our President Lauren Chitwood chatted with Brides Magazine about how to host your wedding at home. It's one of those "easier said than done" parts of wedding planning, and she, along with other experts in the industry, shared their top tips. You can find the full article here, but read on for the rest of Lauren's tips and tricks!

Tip #1: Utilize the Entire Property (via Brides Magazine)

Make sure to embrace all indoor and outdoor elements of your venue. Create a flow throughout your home by hosting different events in a variety of different areas. A ceremony in the garden followed by cocktails poolside is a great way to keep the flow of movement before transitioning guests to a tented space, or inside the house for dinner.

Tip #2: Set Boundaries

When throwing a wedding in your own home, remember that you will be opening it up to a lot of people, including wedding guests and vendors. Be sure to set areas that are on and off limits, think about what will be accessible to everyone, and be sure to secure anything valuable. We love and trust all of our vendors, but bringing them into the home means a lot of strangers walking in and out of the client's house.

Tip #3: Start With the Front Door

Remember that people generally enter a home through the front door, and your wedding guests should do the same. Greeting them with a glass of champagne upon entrance is a beautiful way to engage with guests as soon as they enter to show your hospitality.

Tip #4: Think Beyond the Glitz

Weddings aren't always glitz and glam. Most people underestimate the environmental demands of a big event like a wedding. Generally, the waste following a wedding is far beyond what a residential waste management crew handles on a daily basis. Be sure to rent a dumpster for your event, place it out of site for guests, and schedule a pickup for the day or two after the wedding.

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