You've announced your engagement all over social media, taken those quintessential engagement photos, chosen a wedding date… so now what? It's time to send out your save the dates! Well, if you're about six to eight months away from the big day, that is. Looking for tips on how to go about this process? Scroll on!


Send them!

Yes, it may sound obvious, but some people do skip this essential step of the wedding invitation process. Sending save the dates before your actual invitation gives you guests ample time to start planning, especially if they're from out of town.

Finalize Your Guest List

In a perfect world, you'll want to have your guest list finalized by the time you mail your save the dates. Why? Because you don't want one group to receive them, and one group to feel like they're "B list" guests.

Include the Location

While including the actual venue isn't necessary, including the city and state is definitely a must in our opinion. You don't want to leave your guests guessing where they're going to need to book a flight to or where they'll need to reserve a hotel room.


Send Them Too Late

There's definitely a sweet spot when it comes to sending save the dates. At some point, it's *way* too early, and on the other hand, you don't want to send them too close to when you'll send out your actual invitations. You'll want to send them about six to eight months before the big day.

Include Registry Information

Leave this for your wedding website! You can include the link on part of your invitation suite, but it's a bit too early to add to the save the date.

Send Multiple to the Same Address

While you want to be clear about who is invited, sending multiple save the dates to the same address isn't necessary. Addressing them properly will do the trick!

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