Fact: Indulging in a slice of wedding cake is a highlight of every reception, but a lot goes into that sweet sensation before you get to cut the cake. Don't know where to start? We're breaking down everything you need to consider before you head to that irresistible cake tasting.

1. Serving Style

While you don't need an *exact* guest count, it is important to know how you'll be serving it to your guests. Have a slice for everyone if you plan on plating your cake, but if not, you only need enough for about 75% of your guest list.

2. Room Size

Next up: room size. If you plan to host your reception in a small space, you may not want to opt for a seven-tier, over-the-top cake that's going to take over the room. On the contrary, if you're in a ballroom or larger space, consider adding a couple tiers so it doesn't get lost in the room.

3. Statement Piece

Don't want your statement piece to disappear mid-evening? We're sure your cake will be nothing short of extravagant, so consider ordering butler cakes as well to avoid having to cut the actual cake.

4. Climate

Indoors or out? Winter or summer? Climate is something that you wouldn't normally take into account when thinking about cake, unless it's a cake that needs to feed a few hundred people and you don't want your buttercream to melt in the heat. Let this help guide your decision on fondant or buttercream.

5. Personality

On top of it all, make sure you have a wedding cake that you're happy with and can't wait to see when you first set eyes on your reception. Whether it's fresh flowers, gold foiling, the topper, or anything in between, make it something that will make you smile on your big day!

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